I’ve decided to start up a little blog. I don’t plan to update this mega regularly, but am thinking it could be a nice place to post my thoughts relating to drum teaching as well as other interesting things I stumble across.

This post definitely falls into the latter category – I came across this video on the TED Facebook page and thought it was worth sharing.

This video confirms something that I have long suspected – that learning a musical instrument has many more benefits than simply learning how to play an instrument. I’ve seen many times in schools how after just a few lessons my pupils seem more confident and more alert, and this video puts that down to increased brain activity that crosses over into other subjects too.

One of the things I found the most interesting about this video is how every part of the brain is stimulated in music making, and it’s fascinating to think that whilst I’m playing a show my brain will be analysing so many things simultaneously.

(semi interesting footnote – when I was studying for my degree I volunteered to be part of a study into drummers and the brain. The task involved tapping rhythms on a small keyboard whilst my brain activity was monitored. I got as far as being strapped to the MRI machine and felt so claustrophobic that I had to stop the test.)

The video:

Psychological benefits of learning a musical instrument

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